Food/Celebration Procedures

As you may be aware, edible treats coming into the school for classroom celebrations and students’ birthdays have become increasingly difficult to manage in a safe and healthy manner.  As a reminder, should you wish to send in a birthday celebratory item to your child’s classroom, it must be a safe non-food item, such as: pencils, erasers, bookmarks, etc.  Additionally, the child must be able to successfully take it home with him/her on the school bus.

We wish to re-emphasize the importance for the safety of all of our students.  Therefore, no homemade treats or foods will be permitted for student consumption at birthday celebrations OR classroom celebrations.  Additionally, pre-packaged and store-bought items are preferred as they have a factory/store label for quick and easy reference.  Moreover, it is strongly recommended that parents of a student with food allergies work with the classroom teacher to keep safe snacks (provided by the parent in the classroom) available for this student as a precautionary measure.

Additionally, on those special event days within your child’s classroom, we ask that parents work closely with the child’s teacher to provide healthy food items, whenever possible, that our students can enjoy.  Please know that we recognize that celebrating a child’s birthday and other special events is an important part of the classroom experience. We appreciate your support as we all work together to promote healthy habits while still enabling our children to enjoy special days.

As in years past, due to safety and supervision issues, younger siblings are not to attend functions being held in the classroom setting.  However, siblings may, at times,  be invited to attend functions held in larger areas (gymnasium, cafeteria, outside) with teacher/administrative approval.