Kimberly Highley » Welcome to Mrs. Highley's Class 2018-2019

Welcome to Mrs. Highley's Class 2018-2019

Fifth Grade is here and I am excited to be able to share a new year filled with exciting challenges and new routines for us all!  Let's work together to make this last year in elementary school a great year!


Here are some tips to help you get off to a good start!


   * Stay's the key to success!  

   * Use your planner to copy homework assignments and
      check your homework every night.

         Did you write your name and/or proper heading on

              your paper(s)?

         Did you follow directions?

         Did you answer in complete sentences and use

              proper punctuation?

         Did you try your best?

   * Review multiplication/division facts until memorized.  

   * Read, read, read at home.  Read to yourself, a family

      member, or friend!  

   * Never give up! 



 I am always here for you!


Mrs. Highley

732-751-2493 x6029




Remember that we are always a TEAM :)