Lisa Corbett » Welcome to Ramtown Third Grade!

Welcome to Ramtown Third Grade!

        Soon we will be trading our beach bags for backpacks and our bicycles for school buses. Looking forward to seeing you on September 5th!
I am attaching our weekly schedule and my first-day letter to give you a heads up!

Dear Family,

       Welcome back to an exciting new year!  Third grade will hold lots of new challenges for all of us and I am looking forward to facing them together.  Before the year gets underway, I would like to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of our classroom procedures. 


IMPORTANT PAPERS:  Please return all forms back to school ASAP. Be sure to fill out both sides if necessary. 


HOMEWORK: Will be assigned Monday through Thursday, and very rarely on a Friday.  Homework is a reinforcement of lessons that are taught in class each day; so if your child seems to be struggling with a concept, please jot a note in your child’s homework pad.  (Our wonderful PTO has generously supplied Homework pads to us again this year.)  Please ensure that your child has completed each homework assignment and initial the homework pad each night. Also, I would appreciate it if you would empty and review the work that is on your side of the child’s folder, which is labeled Parent Notices/Completed Work.


SPECIALS:  I have sent a sheet with our weekly specials. Please remember, children must wear sneakers for Physical Education.  Also, please send in an art smock (a big, old shirt) in a large sealed Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name. Smocks will be left in school for Art class.


SNACK:  We eat lunch from 11:010-11:40, I will allow some time for a snack. I only ask that the snack be something healthy that can be eaten while working. *****Due to peanut allergies, snacks may not contain peanut products******.  Also, the children can bring in a water bottle to keep at their desk. Please do not send in juice or soda.


ABSENCE:  If your child is absent and you would like homework for that day, email me, call the main office, or call my extension directly – 6007, asking that the homework is sent home with a neighbor or sibling or sent to the office for you to pick up after the school day is over.


BIRTHDAYS:  Food items may not be sent in for birthday celebrations. If you would like to send in a non-food item, like pencils/erasers that is fine. Summer birthdays can be celebrated in June. I am requesting that if you are sending your child to school with invitations to a party that everyone is invited. If you aren’t inviting everyone, please use the list of addresses and phone numbers that I will send home soon to assist you.


I am dedicated to making this a wonderful year. My door is always open and I want you to please feel free to contact me with any (no matter how small) concerns that you may have throughout the school year.  You can call me or email me and I will respond as soon as possible.


I look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night on September 24, when we will discuss many of our classroom policies and procedures and the Third Grade curriculum.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support throughout the upcoming school year. Working together we can ensure that your child will have a fun, positive, and enriching Third Grade experience.


                       Mrs. Corbett

                                  Ramtown  - 732-751-2493   (ext. 6007)    






Weekly Specials

Monday - Art &    

Physical Education (Remember your sneakers.)                

Tuesday – Physical                                                       Education 

Wednesday – Media & Spanish

Thursday –     Technology 

Friday – Music